Where to Find the Best Leaf Peeping in New England


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Autumn in New England is a breathtaking spectacle. The region’s dense forests and mountainous regions transform into a vibrant canvas, painting the landscape in hues of crimson, amber, and gold. As the crisp air whispers of approaching winter, quaint villages and charming cities come alive with the scent of apple cider, fresh cannabis harvests, and pumpkin patches.

Scenic drives along winding roads reveal the full glory of the changing leaves, while local communities host festivals celebrating the harvest season. Whether you’re traveling through Maine, Vermont, or Massachusetts, we’ve got the total rundown to guide you to the best New England leaf peeping 2023 has to offer.

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What’s the Best Time for Leaf Peeping in New England?

The best time for leaf peeping in New England typically occurs during the latter parts of the fall season. Peak foliage colors can be expected to vary by location and weather conditions, and the weather can be somewhat different from year to year. Generally, the prime leaf-peeping period in New England spans from late September through the end of October. However, some areas may offer awesome opportunities for viewing well into the first week or so of November.

Fall Colors on a rural New England Farm in Vermont

Best Opportunities for Vermont Leaf Peeping

With hints of woodsmoke lingering in the air, quaint little towns hosting the best festivals, and the Green Mountains settling into a show of absolute beauty, you can find so many great ways to enjoy VT in the fall. Not to mention, a stop at the Silver Therapeutics recreational dispensary in Bennington is always a treat. Check out a few of the best places to witness the colorful season in VT.

Green Mountain National Forest

The Green Mountain National Forest in the fall is ablaze with fiery foliage, and there are so many excellent ways to enjoy the show. From Thundering Falls to the Grout Pond Recreation Area, you can trek your way to different parts of the park and find a new reason to appreciate the season at every turn.

Smuggler’s Notch State Park

Smuggler’s Notch State Park is always a popular destination, but autumn gives this area of VT even more visual appeal. This rugged pass through the Green Mountains provides dramatic foliage and numerous hiking opportunities that will carry you through some of the most scenic autumn sights in the state.

The Green Mountain Byway

When autumn rolls around, everyone wants to take a leisurely drive on the Green Mountain Byway. This scenic route along VT Route 100 is known for its picturesque views of the Green Mountains, charming towns, and vibrant foliage. You could easily make a day out of the drive by stopping in at all the little towns along the way.

Portland Head Lighthouse, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Best Places for All the Leaf Peeping Maine Has to Offer

Maine offers several exceptional places for leaf peeping during the fall season, and some of the areas that hug the New England Coast are nothing short of awe-inspiring with the change in the weather. Don’t forget to stop by and visit Silver Therapeutics in Berwick, South Portland, or Portland, ME along the way. However, take a look at these spots to appreciate the best autumn views Maine has to offer.

Crescent Beach State Park

Crescent Beach State Park is a sandy oceanfront beach located in Cape Elizabeth and about eight miles south of Portland. This coastal park is an ideal spot to enjoy the contrast of colorful foliage against the Atlantic Ocean.

Great Works Regional Land Trust

Riddled with amazing trails that take you through some of the most gorgeous natural landscapes of Maine, the Great Works Regional Land Trust is always a sight to behold in autumn. The area is full of hidden valleys, rock formations, and streams immersed amid the colorful backdrop of the season.

Scarborough Marsh Audobon Center

The largest saltwater marsh in the area, the Scarborough Marsh Audobon Center is one of Maine’s most impressive sights in autumn. Go on a self-guided tour of the walking trails, take a kayak out on the water, and enjoy the transitional colors of the season.

Autumn in the Berkshires region of Massachusetts

Best Spots for Massachusetts Leaf Peeping

Massachusetts in the fall is easily one of the biggest reasons people head to New England for the season. The landscape bursts into fiery hues as leaves change, apple orchards and pumpkin patches beckon, and historic towns come alive with festivities. Plus, you can find Silver Therapeutics in both Williamstown and Palmer. Check out these leaf-peeping spots along the way.

Mount Tom State Reservation

The Mount Tom State Reservation is just outside of Holyoke and never disappoints when it comes to fall foliage. This park provides hiking trails with stunning panoramic views of the Connecticut River Valley.

Quaboag Pond

Quaboag Pond and its surrounding areas are a top leaf-peeping spot in MA. Located in Brookfield, this picturesque pond is surrounded by trees, providing a beautiful setting for enjoying the changing leaves.

Mount Greylock

As the highest point in Massachusetts, Mount Greylock offers panoramic views of the Berkshire Hills, which are especially stunning in autumn. When the weather is just right, you can get a 90-mile view of the surrounding foliage from the top of the mountain.

Stop in at One of the New England Silver Therapeutics Dispensaries to Enhance Your Autumn Adventure

As you revel in the picturesque landscapes and vibrant foliage of New England, our dispensaries offer a welcoming haven to complement your journey. Whether you’re seeking to unwind with the perfect strain after a day of leaf-peeping or need that extra touch of relaxation to savor the crisp autumn evenings, we’ll help you find just the thing.

You’ll find Silver Therapeutics dispensaries dotting the map across Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine. Be sure to track down the nearest Silver Therapeutics location near you, explore the online menu, and reserve your order ahead for easy pick-up when you arrive.

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