What is Already Vaped Bud (AVB)? 3 Ways to Use Vaped Weed

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While those traditional smokers may always prefer firing up their cannabis over vaping it, there’s been a major shift in just how many cannabis consumers like to vape their bud. Vaping weed involves using a vaporizer to heat the bud to a point that it vaporizes, and what you inhale is the vapors instead of smoke. This in itself has its own advantages—convenience, no combustion, and less conspicuous. After weed has been vaped, you have something left over: Already Vaped Bud (AVB).

ABV Butter-Making Butter from Vape Waste - Legalize it. We Think SoWhat is AVB?

AVB is an abbreviation for Already Vaped Bud, which is the cannabis residue left over after using a dry herb vaporizer. Important note: AVB is sometimes referred to as ABV (Already Been Vaped). These terms are frequently used interchangeably.

Ways to Recycle Vaped Weed

Good cannabis ain’t cheap, even though we consistently offer good deals at Silver Therapeutics, so why waste a single cannabinoid if you can help it? We’ve got some good ideas for using AVB, so grab yourself a jar with a lid to save up your AVB grams to use in other ways.

1. Consider cooking with vaped weed

AVB edibles are actually a big thing. You can actually make your own AVB butter using this brief guide from 420 Vape Zone. The cannabutter can, of course, be used to make all kinds of baked goodies. Remember, you can also water cure AVB by steeping it in water to pull out bitter flavors. You could also consider making everything from AVB honey to ketchup. The bonus with AVB weed is it is already decarboxylated because it has been heated, so no need to take extra steps for THC activation.

2. Make some AVB weed tea

If you want a tea with a little added zing, you can brew your own AVB tea. Simply drop a spoonful of AVB into a cheesecloth and steep it in hot water for a bit. You can tone down any bitterness after steeping with fresh honey or a dash of sugar.

3. DIY your own AVB tincture

Soaking the AVB in high-proof grain alcohol helps to pull out the remaining cannabinoids. Therefore, you could easily use the vaped weed to make your own tinctures. You can easily make a tincture with AVB instead of fresh cannabis—you won’t even have to decarb!

A few other Ideas for AVB

  • Make your own RSO oil or topical
  • Infuse some coconut oil
  • Stick the AVB in capsules
  • Toss AVB in an ice cream shake


How potent is AVB weed?

It can be really hard to say. Some speculators claim that AVB can have anywhere from 10 to 30 percent of the cannabinoids left in the flower. So, you really can end up with a relatively substantial amount of cannabinoids. So, be conservative when making and trying your own edibles.

Can you eat AVB weed straight up?

Yes, you sure can. The weed is already decarbed, so if you want to sprinkle some on your spaghetti instead of parmesan, go for it. Keep in mind, you can have a bit more of a bitter flavor than with fresh bud.

Can you smoke vaped weed?

You can smoke vaped weed if you don’t mind a smoke that’s not as flavorful as usual. A lot of the terpenes in the weed are lost during the vaping process, so the smoke can be less fragrant and flavorful.

Does smoking vaped weed get you high?

It definitely can, albeit you may have to smoke a little more than you would with fresh bud. Some people prefer to use ABV for twaxing, or mixing THC wax with weed in a joint.

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At the end of the day, cannabinoids are valuable, even if they are coming from cannabis you’ve technically already vaped. Using your ABV bud for other purposes is just economical. While you won’t find any crispy, brown ABV on our menu, you will find a lot of fresh bud to pick from for your vaporizer. Be sure to grab your fresh bud at Silver Therapeutics.

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