What are Smalls? (Popcorn Buds)


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When shopping around for cannabis flowers, large buds are the cream of the crop. The larger and denser the bud, the more potent the experience, and the more joints you can roll. However, as you browse the aisles of your favorite dispensary, you may see smaller buds with the moniker “popcorn buds.”

But what are popcorn buds, and are they worth your attention? The short answer is yes, but there’s a lot more to know about these products than just their diminutive size. Here’s everything you need to know about weed smalls (aka popcorn buds).


What are Smalls?

Because cannabis is a plant, there’s a bit of art and science involved when growing it for cultivation. As with any biological entity, uniformity is hard to guarantee, particularly because the plant needs light and nutrients.

Depending on the growing operation, some parts of the plant may not get as much sunlight and fresh air as everything else. These areas are usually closer to the ground, where it’s harder for light to penetrate, especially as the cannabis flowers and develops bunches of leaves.

So, during harvest and cultivation, there is a collection of smaller buds left over. The grower doesn’t want to toss them as they’re still viable for processing, but they’re certainly not as premium as full-size nugs.

The result is that many growers sell them at a cheaper price to manufacturers and dispensaries. The end result is “popcorn buds,” which is what you can find at places like Silver Therapeutics.

Pros and Cons of Popcorn Buds

Just because weed smalls are not the cream of the crop doesn’t mean you should ignore them entirely. In fact, depending on your budget and your cannabis tolerance, popcorn buds may be an excellent option for your next smoking session. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of these products.

Pro: Cheaper Cost

If you want to get high on a budget, you can’t always spring for top-of-the-line flowers. Fortunately, popcorn buds come from the same plant, so they deliver a similar psychoactive experience. Plus, you can buy more of them for the same price as a premium version. This way, you can pack your bowl or joint with just as much weed without paying a “high” price (pun intended).

Con: May Not Deliver the Same Experience

The reason weed smalls are not considered “premium” is that they’re basically the runts of the litter. While the larger buds get the lion’s share of the trichomes, terpenes, and THC, popcorn buds get whatever is left.

That’s not to say you can’t get high from these smaller nugs. In many cases, you can get practically the same experience as you would with a full-size flower.

However, because they’re not as big, popcorn buds typically have fewer of all the active ingredients that get you high. So, there’s likely going to be a noticeable difference, particularly if you smoke both versions (not simultaneously, though).

Pro: Easier to Grind and Pack

A smaller size can be beneficial for a few reasons. First, if you’re trying to pack some weed for “on the go,” you can cram a few popcorn buds into your container more easily than a full flower. Second, when grinding and rolling a joint, you don’t have excess material to store for later. Instead, you can grind just a couple of these bad boys and be ready to go with no waste.


FAQs About Popcorn Buds

What are Smalls at a Dispensary?

If you go to a dispensary and ask for “smalls,” the budtender behind the counter should know what you’re talking about. That said, not all dispensaries have smalls of all of their top-selling flowers. So, you’ll likely have to browse whatever selection they have on hand. Some dispensaries cater to the popcorn market, while others shy away from it, so it’s hard to know what you’ll find.

Are Popcorn Buds Less Potent Than Larger Flower?

As a rule, popcorn buds are less potent than larger nugs. However, the potency isn’t necessarily “night and day.” That is, you can still get high from these buds – just not as much or as intensely as you would with a bigger flower.

What are Smalls Weed vs. Shake Weed?

Smalls are fully-formed buds, complete with trichomes, terpenes, and THC. Shake weed, however, is the collection of fragments left over after harvesting the plant. This variation is considered the lowest classification, so it’s both the cheapest and least effective. Smalls are one step above this class.

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