‘This is a plant for everyone’: Silver Therapeutics in Orange first partner of GrassPass app

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By Domenic Poli, Athol Daily News

Published: January 28th, 2021

ORANGE — Last year, Silver Therapeutics became the first marijuana dispensary in Orange. And, 2½ weeks ago, it became the first ever to partner with GrassPass, a cannabis shopping experience designed by women for women.

Conceived in 2018, GrassPass launched on Jan. 5 to make the cannabis shopping experience more pleasant for women — for whom founders say there is a stigma associated with using marijuana — and to offer perks such as preferred product tracking, and the ability to order ahead and to skip the line at select dispensaries.

“We’re excited about the premium shopping experience GrassPass is bringing to the adult use industry, and we’re honored to be the first dispensary offering this VIP service,” said Josh Silver, CEO of Silver Therapeutics, which opened at 5 South Main St. on July 7, 2020. “GrassPass is opening up the world of cannabis to a new demographic, and we look forward to welcoming them in our shops.”

The monthly membership service was founded by Rebecca Slotkin, Madlene Olander and Alex Dunn.

“It’s a pretty simple prediction to say that women might not be comfortable going into dispensaries, and so how can we make them more comfortable going into dispensaries? Because this is a plant for everyone,” Slotkin explained.

Slotkin and Olander said Silver Therapeutics’ Orange location is not the most highly-trafficked, but that was part of the plan — to take baby steps. GrassPass is expected to be offered at Silver Therapeutics’ Williamstown location soon.

“We only partner with dispensaries that have … the same mission,” Olander said.

Slotkin said she spent some time visiting dispensaries in Colorado and California, and she and Olander started brainstorming about the potential issues the future could hold and how to resolve them. They both said there is a stigma associated with women using cannabis.

“A lot of women enjoy cannabis quite a bit,” Slotkin said.

Adult-use consumers can sign up for GrassPass at getgrasspass.com, and then shop at Silver Therapeutics at 5 South Main St. in Orange. The GrassPass web application allows members to browse and order cannabis products directly from affiliated dispensaries.

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