The 12 Best Things to Do in Portland, ME (& 8 Restaurants to Try)  

Heading to Maine to visit either the Silver Therapeutics dispensary in Portland or South Portland? Do yourself a favor and plan a full day while you’re in the biggest city in the state—there’s no shortage of things to do in Portland.

Have the munchies?

Best Downtown Portland Restaurants

If you’re all about good food, your time spent in Portland will be memorable. Downtown Portland is nationally known for its food fare. We have to recommend the Two Heads Lobster Shack, which happens to be right on the rocky shores of the area. This place has been around for a century, and it’s easy to see why. The food is delicious. But, even more cool, you get to enjoy your meal in view of a lighthouse, within earshot of the fog horn, and perched just over the water.

A few other great places to grab grub in the area:

The Forest City is teeming with sights to see, impressive waterway views, and, of course, saliva-inducing food. Check out some awesome things to do in Portland, Maine.

12 Things to Do in Portland, Maine

1. Grab coffee and breakfast to go at Tandem Bakery

If you get to town a bit early (our Portland dispensary opens at 10 AM daily), head over to Tandem Bakery. Their coffee is nothing short of amazing, and their breakfast sandwiches are out of this world. After you’ve nabbed your day-starter, take a stroll around the West End and Western Promenade.

2. Go island exploring on the Casco Bay Ferry

Portland is basically a peninsula surrounded by islands, such as Peaks Island, Cushing Island, and Great Diamond. If you feel up for a little island exploration, catch the Casco Bay Ferry for a ride to the island of your choice. The iconic ferry services all the islands in Casco Bay and runs pretty much 365 days a year.

3. Plan an adventure to Mackworth Island

Speaking of islands, Mackworth Island in Falmouth is right outside Portland. This particular island offers snap-worthy views of Casco Bay from every angle. A 1.25-mile trail takes you completely around the perimeter of the island. And, you’re bound to enjoy the natural forested landscape.

4. Enjoy the best croissants ever at Belleville

After your scenic hike, you’re bound to be ready for a snack. Belleville at the top of Munjoy Hill on North Street is the perfect place to stop. You’ll walk away with the most satisfying croissant your mouth has ever encountered. Head a little further up the hill and catch a water view along the Eastern Prom, or stick around the area and visit the Portland Observatory.

5. Take a drive to Portland Head Light

The Portland Head Light—the MOST photographed lighthouse in the country—sits just a few miles south of downtown Portland. And, the lighthouse is positioned adjacent to Fort Williams Park. So, you could kill several hours exploring the shoreline and the sights within the park, such as Battery Keyes or Goddard Mansion.

6. Explore the Portland Arts District

The Portland Arts District is a collection of art galleries, colleges, museums, and performance theaters mingled together in just a few city blocks. You can literally take off on foot on Alberta Street and see everything from paint-your-own pottery shops and grilled cheese grills to streetside sculptures. Even better, many of the city buildings are decked out with the handiwork of local artists.

7. Find fascinating weirdness and ice-skating at Thompson’s Point

Thompson’s Point is a little peninsula in Portland surrounded by the Fore River. If you make your way off the well-trodden Portland city streets to the area, be sure to visit Rwanda Bean Coffee for a cold brew coffee and yummy whoopie pie. Then, make your way over to the International Cryptozoology Museum for some absolute weirdness like rare Big Foot evidence, a fiberglass coelacanth, and more. If you make it to the point in the winter, visit The Rink at Thompson’s Point for outdoor ice skating.

8. Visit Hadlock Field for a Sea Dogs game

Hadlock Field is modeled after Fenway Park, but it has been named as a unique field to visit when it comes to Minor League Baseball because of its interesting outfield. If you’re traveling through Portland during baseball season, you may get the chance to catch a Sea Dogs game. Be sure to keep an eye out for the rising lighthouse near the centerfield fence when the Dogs win or hit a home run.

9. Go lobstering and let the pros cook up your catch

Love you some lobster? Ever wanted to know what it’s like to catch one? Experience the full lobstering process by booking a tour with Lucky Catch Cruises. You’ll get to go out with a crew on Casco Bay, pull up traps, and learn all about the beloved hard shells. You get to purchase lobsters at the discounted boat rate. Then, you can trek across the pier when the cruise docks and head to the Portland Lobster Company for a totally fresh meal and some live music.

10. Catch a show at the vintage Merrill Auditorium

The Merrill Auditorium happens to be just down the street from Silver Therapeutics. This turn-of-the-century auditorium houses a ginormous pipe organ and the entire place has this incredibly vintage appeal. Be sure to check out the events taking place while you’re in the area and grab tickets in advance. The Auditorium hosts everything from comedy shows and ballets to digital concerts and symphonies.

11. Spend a few hours at East End Beach

East End Beach gives you unmatched panoramic views of Casco Bay, a boat launch, and sandy pebbled beaches. Parking’s literally just steps away from the beach and there are a ton of great picnic spots. You can easily get lost for a few hours watching the breeze carry sailboats around the harbor. But you may even want to get your toes wet in the summer months with a quick dip in the gently lapping waters.

12. Tour the many local breweries

Portland is kind of a hot spot for craft beer—the area is actually filled with some of the most diversified and vibrant breweries in the country. If you’re all about crafted IPAs, aged ales, and stouts, take a tour of some local breweries. A few top stops would be Austin Street Brewery and the Banded Brewing Company. However, you can also book a full-on brewer tour of the Greater Portland area through Maine Brews Cruise. For example, the Beerunch Tour starts in the morning and takes you to three top breweries in the area.

We can’t wait to see you at Silver Therapeutics!

Portland is a fascinating place full of interesting people and things to see. We’re so glad to be a part of that at Silver Therapeutics, and we can’t wait to see you at one of our ME dispensaries!

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