The Best Edibles in Maine

Maine may be a relative newcomer to recreational cannabis, but there’s no question you can find some of the best edibles in Maine. From infused cannabis seltzers and gummies to chocolate bars and lollipops, the best edible brands Maine has available have worked hard to get options to dispensary customers. Not sure which edibles you want to try? We’ve scouted out the best edibles in Maine to get you headed in the right direction.

Top 10 Best Edibles in Maine

1. The Botanist Gummies

The Botanist is well-known as one of the best edible brands in Maine due to their commitment to high-quality products and reliable experiences. If you prefer natural ingredients, vegan-friendly recipes, and flavor variety, The Botanist Gummies are definitely the way to go. Grab flavors like Mandarin Orange, Sour Black Raspberry, and Strawberry Kiwi, but also check out the unique cannabinoid collaborations with different products. For example, Sour Amarena Cherry gummies contain a 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC.

2. Countdown Seltzers

When it comes to high THC edibles Maine customers love, weed seltzers are definitely a top pick. Drinking your THC means a faster delivery than the typical edible, and Countdown Seltzers have 25mg of THC in one can. With tasty flavor options like Orange Blast and Berry Force, these seltzers are far more than flavored water infused with weed. Each drink is sad to deliver a unique flavor and experience.

3. Sweet Dirt Chocolate Drops

Perfectly portioned and ready for consumption, Sweet Dirt Chocolate Drops are hands-down a favorite pick for Mainers. These melt-in-your-mouth drops are made with high-quality cacao and infused with refined, full-spectrum RSO. Each pack of bite-size drops contains 20 pieces, and each drop delivers 5mg of THC. As an added perk, Sweet Dirt Chocolate Drops are available in either dark or milk chocolate, non-GMO, and kosher.

4. Highbrow Cannabis Capsules

Even though some don’t consider capsules edibles, they are broken down by the system the same. So, we couldn’t pull together this list of the best edibles in Maine without mentioning Highbrow Cannabis Capsules. Take your pick of THC capsules, 1:1 THC and CBD capsules, or CBD capsules. Each Highbrow option can deliver a different experience depending on the cannabinoids. However, the most popular option, THC capsules, serves up 10mg of THC per dose.

5. East Coast Cannabis Chocolates

If chocolate infused with THC is your go-to, you won’t want to pass on Mint Dark Chocolate Peaks from East Coast Cannabis Company. Made with rich arch chocolate that boasts a subtle hint of coffee, fruit, and mint, each chocolate peak melts in your mouth while providing about 10mg of THC. No need to break off a piece and hope for accurate dosing either—these chocolates come in individual pieces packaged in a 10-count jar.

6. Pot + Pan Gummies

When it comes to THC gummies in ME, Pot + Pan is easily one of the most popular choices. Known for creating interestingly unique gummies with tantalizing flavors, Pot + Pan has a ton of options. The original product from Pot + Pan was gummy cubes, each with 10mg of THC. However, one of the latest additions to the collection is Dandies, which are gummy rolls coated in crunchy candies and infused with THC. For example, the Grape Slush Dandies give you 50mg of THC per roll.

7. Mystique of Maine Lollipops

Mystique of Maine creates a long list of different edibles, including hard candies, gummies, and chocolate bars. However, a customer favorite is the brand’s THC-infused lollipops. Each lollipop is made with a different type of extract, which means you can get a different experience depending on what you pick. A few top picks include the Strawberry Chill Lollipop, the Strawberry Lift Lollipop, and the Candy Cane Lollipop. Each candy is infused with 10mg of THC. And, because the lollies are individually wrapped, you don’t have to spend a lot to try one.

8. Theory Wellness THC Chews

Theory Wellness is a well-known cannabis brand on the East Coast, and they happen to offer some of the best THC gummies in ME. Theory Wellness refers to its gummies as “chews” because the texture is more soft and chewy than a standard gummy. Theory THC Chews are available in a number of delicious flavors, including Green Apple, Pear, Raspberry, and Watermelon. Each flavor may have its own per-chew potency or cannabinoid profile.

9. Afterglow Edible Company Chocolate Bars

When it comes to gourmet-worthy cannabis-infused chocolate bars, Afterglow Edible Co. simply has some of the best options, hands down. Afterglow brings these delicious flavor concoctions to the table, such as Caramel Apple Pie, Caramel Mocha, and Key Lime Pie. Every chocolate bar the brand comes up with is created by culinary graduates with a knack for creating unique flavor experiences. Each bar ranges in potency from 80 to 100mg of THC, making these some of the strongest edibles Maine has to offer.

10. CLDZ Juice Shots

Just like a cannabis-infused beverage but in a smaller, shot-size portion, CDLZ Juice Shots are easily garnering a lot of fans. Each CLDZ shot is small enough to fit into your pocket yet delivers almost 10mg of THC. And, the flavors are nothing short of tongue-tempting. For example, the Tropical punch shot is a fruity mix of orange, pineapple, and lemon. Even better, each batch of juice is crafted without preservatives or artificial flavors. And the shot is the perfect size to sip for microdosing or making your own THC-infused mocktails.

Check Out the Best Edible Brands Maine Has Available at Silver Therapeutics

Whether you’re in the mood for THC gummies in ME or something like a weed seltzer, chocolate bar, or capsule, we’re here to help you find it. Silver Therapeutics has three dispensaries in Maine: Berwick, Portland, and South Portland. We build each menu with hand-picked local edibles favorites. Be sure to take a look at the dispensary menu closest to you to catch special offers, staff picks, and even reserve your order ahead for quick pickup.

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