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This year, we have so much to be thankful for at Silver Therapeutics. One of the biggest things we are thankful for is our position as one of the best cannabis dispensary names in the northeast allows us to step up and give back to our community. From donating to charity to supporting the community and disease research, take a look at a few reasons we feel so grateful to be right where we are this Thanksgiving.

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Silver Therapeutics Giving Back

Giving Back to the Communities We Serve

In Massachusetts, Silver Therapeutics is part of the Palmer community, and our flagship store is located in Williamstown. Since we opened our doors in Williamstown in 2019, we have worked diligently to give back to the area by supporting social equity initiatives, getting involved where we can, and giving back to our communities.

We’ve always made a point to be supporters of local organizations through monetary donations and volunteer time. We love jumping in and doing our part to help the organizations that do so much good for our community, such as:

  • The Common Folk Artist Collective – A group of collaborative artistic creatives that work hard to sustain an inclusive and creative neighborhood in North Adams by organizing events and making everyone feel at home.
  • The North Berkshire Community Coalition (NBCC) – A thriving community organization focused on empowerment, wellness, and neighbor communication. The NBCC does amazing things for families, youth, and neighborhoods in the Berkshires through education, harm reduction efforts, and more.
  • The Berkshire Food Project – A group dedicated to providing food security and alleviating hunger to the people of the Berkshires in need. The Berkshire Food Project doesn’t only provide no-cost meals, it also helps people within the community find resources to achieve economic stability.
  • The Al Nelson Friendship Center Food Pantry – This pantry provides supplemental food to families and individuals in the community who are struggling with food insecurity. Even more important, they offer food to anyone who says they are in need with no question or discrimination.
  • Innercity Weightlifting (ICW) – A non-profit organization dedicated to building up individuals who have been negatively impacted by racism, social inequality, and incarceration.

This year, we’re also sponsoring the annual LumiNAMA holiday lights initiative downtown. This annual light festival transforms North Adams into a holiday wonderland with lights and window displays throughout the downtown area. In turn, the town attracts people from all over, which brings the community together but also benefits many of the small business owners in the area.

We Are Committed to Social Equity Initiatives

As part of an industry in which so many people have faced social inequalities in the past, we feel it’s our responsibility to be highly supportive of social equity initiatives today. Some on our team are founding members of Green Flower, an organization set up to help those in cannabis succeed through comprehensive training programs and higher education.

We also sponsor and get involved with many initiatives set forth to support social equity, such as:

  • The Floret Coalition – A collection of small cannabis businesses that work together to create social equity campaigns, raise awareness, and find equity-based initiatives.
  • Elevate Northeast – A woman-founded community outreach organization formed to support the cannabis industry in the Northeast through education, career support, and fighting to end cannabis stigma.
  • Team MR8 – A community of athletes who run to raise funds for grants that support social equity initiatives.

We’re Big On Kicking Cancer to the Curb and Supporting Parkinson’s Research

Very few of us have made it through life without being negatively impacted by cancer. That’s why at Silver Therapeutics, we’re big on doing all we can to join the fight to make cancer a thing of the past and show some love to the people who have been affected.

We’re proud supporters of First Descents, which provides life-altering adventures for young people who have faced the negative repercussions of cancer. We also sponsor the Kiss Breast Cancer Goodbye benefit concert and gala and support the Pan-Mass Challenge, both of which raise money for cancer research.

In addition to our dedication to fighting cancer, we’re also big on supporting research into Parkinson’s disease. We offer donations and support to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

Silver Therapeutics Giving Back

Celebrate Thanksgiving 2023 and Community with Us at Silver Therapeutics

At Silver Therapeutics, we’re so thankful to be a part of the communities we serve throughout New England. This Thanksgiving, we’re showing our appreciation for our spot in the community in so many ways, right down to making sure our customers have access to the best deals and sales. If you like the idea of shopping at a dispensary that’s passionate about good cannabis and being a good neighbor, be sure to find the Silver Therapeutics dispensary nearest you in Maine, Vermont, or Massachusetts.

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