Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) Strain: An Overview

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Girl Scout Cookies (AKA GSC) is a potent hybrid cannabis strain. It comes in a few phenotypes but most commonly displays deep purple leaves with vibrant green buds and blazing orange hairs. It’s a crossbreed between some of the most famous weed strains, which means it’s a special rarity. If you’ve never tried this strain before, you should definitely scoop some up next time it’s available for sale at your local dispensary.

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Is Girl Scout Cookies indica or sativa?

Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid strain with a near 60/40 indica/sativa split. The perfect strain for a relaxed afternoon – GSC will mellow you out without putting you to sleep. Learn more about indica vs sativa.

What other strains make up Girl Scout Cookies?

GSC is believed to be a crossbreed between OG Kush and another hybrid strain containing Durban Poison and an unknown F1.

How does this strain smell?

Lemon-y, earthy, sweet, spicy, minty are all adjectives that have been used to describe this one of a kind strain. While popular strains like Girl Scout Cookies do come with a reputation of a certain aroma, much of this depends on how the plants were grown, and especially how they were harvested and cured.

Talk to our budtenders about the proper way to harvest & cure and they’ll tell you the type of aroma you should expect when your buds are nice, dry, and ready to blaze.

What do the buds taste like?

When smoked, GSC buds lend more to their Kush roots, giving a nice warm flavor reminiscent of lemon haze. That said, I’ve definitely come across a mintier & skunkier batch of Girl Scout Cookies, tasting similar to Durban Poison.

At the end of the day, it all depends on your grower’s particular cultivar, but Girl Scout Cookies’ strong genetics usually prevail.

Do you have GSC buds for sale at your dispensary?

While we don’t always stock our shelves with this particular strain, we can certainly point you in the direction of another potent, high quality hybrid strain that will certainly curb your appetite and more than suit your needs!

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