Shopping for Concentrates in Vermont – Things to Know as a VT Customer

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Are you planning on visiting our newest dispensary in Bennington, VT? If so, you may have cannabis concentrates like shatter, wax, or dabs on your list of items to explore. Before heading our way to shop for strong cannabis concentrates in Vermont, you should know that current Vermont concentrate laws may mean you don’t see as many cannabis concentrates on our dispensary menu. However, we have a great selection of concentrates available at our nearby Williamstown, MA location.

So, what’s up with concentrates in Vermont? We’ve got all the details you need to know below, as well as some information on how you can legally purchase concentrated cannabis products.

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First, a Look at Vermont Concentrate Laws

Even though cannabis products are legal in Vermont, including cannabis concentrates, the Green Mountain State has a specific law that alters what can be provided at dispensaries. When Act 164 was enacted in October 2020, there were stipulations in the bill that outlined specific THC “caps” on certain cannabis products. The two stipulations stated two things could not be cultivated, manufactured, or retailed in the state:

  1. “Cannabis flower with greater than 30 percent tetrahydrocannabinol”
  2. “Solid concentrate cannabis products with greater than 60 percent tetrahydrocannabinol”

With the passage of Act 164, VT became the first state to include built-in potency caps on cannabis and cannabis products. Unfortunately, while there have been several efforts to lift these caps in the last year, those attempts have been unsuccessful to date. State lawmakers have actually been at odds about whether to lift the cap or not, and the state’s Cannabis Control Board even drafted a proposal in favor of eliminating the caps.

What Do the Laws Mean for VT Customers?

Basically, these limitations on how much THC can be in solid concentrates like shatter, dabs, and wax means these products are not yet available at most dispensaries. Solid concentrates almost always have potency ranges that reach well above the 60-percent cap set in place by the state. Therefore, dispensaries are not allowed to sell them, but even if they tried, producers and manufacturers would be breaking state laws by creating these products. While you will find a few liquid concentrates on Vermont dispensary menus like THC oil or tinctures, you will not see strong cannabis concentrates as an option.

Find Strong Cannabis Concentrates Across State Lines in Massachusetts

While you may not have access to solid concentrates in Vermont just yet, there is a simple workaround for dispensary customers. Unlike VT, Massachusetts has not enacted THC caps or limitations on any products, concentrates or otherwise. Further, VT says customers can possess up to five grams of cannabis concentrate without penalty. Therefore, you are free to drive across state lines to MA and purchase strong cannabis concentrates even though you cannot legally purchase them in your home state.

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Shop The Best Concentrates in New England

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Silver Therapeutics in Williamstown is an Ideal Destination for Potent Cannabis Concentrates

Looking for a nearby dispensary to purchase cannabis concentrates in MA? If you are near Bennington (the home of our new cannabis dispensary in VT), our Williamstown, MA dispensary is only about 15 miles and 25 minutes away via US-7 South. Be sure to take a look at the menu to see our full collection of cannabis concentrates.

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