Challenges and concerns ahead for retail cannabis

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by Heather Kovar, CBS 6 News

Published on Tuesday, March 15th 2022

New York State (WRGB) — Tuesday, March 15th, Governor Kathy Hochul announced that farmers, looking to get a license to grow adult use cannabis, can now apply online.

The state says it expects its first recreational sales will begin by the end of this year.

CBS 6’s Heather Kovar speaks with established store owners in Massachusetts about concerns and challenges that lie ahead.

Silver Therapeutics in Williamstown, Massachusetts opened in April 2019.

Co-founder Josh Silver is from Saratoga Springs.

When asked when they expect to move into Nee York, McKee said he thinks they are close.

“As a group we are identifying locations in New York already. “

He expects to participate in New York sometime in 2023. Last week New York announced the first set of licenses are expected to be awarded to those with marijuana convictions who can show they have run a successful business in New York.

The office of cannabis management tells me a 60 day public comment period will kick off in about a week when the regulations are formally filed with the state registry.

The Business Council of New York State is working to make sure businesses will be successful, despite under federal law, they can’t make ordinary deductions.

Federal prohibition is a monetary obstacle that marijuana businesses will face.

Read the full story on CBS 6 Albany.

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