Blunts vs Joints: What’s the Difference?

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The modern-day cannabis industry may make it possible to enjoy weed in a litany of ways, but smoking is still hands-down the most preferred method of consumption. How do people usually smoke weed? Rolled into a blunt or in a joint. So, what’s the difference between blunts vs joints? Does smoking different types of weed joints make a big difference? Let’s burn through the details on the difference between blunt and joint in the world of weed.

What is a joint?

A joint is simply cannabis flower rolled into a thin rolling paper. There can be a lot of variances here depending on the paper used and the method of rolling, but the general concept is always the same: paper and weed. The standard joint is not that large; most contain only a third of a gram of weed, but can be a little more depending on the size of the paper.

Types of Weed Joints

  • Classic – Classic rolled joint slightly smaller than a cigarette and twisted on the ends
  • Tipped – Tipped with a filter to smoke bud all the way without burning your fingers
  • Pinner – Personal-sized joint; thinly rolled and burns quickly for a personal smoking session
  • Spliff – Cannabis and tobacco rolled together into a classic paper

What is a blunt?

A blunt is ground cannabis flower rolled into a blunt wrap or cigar made out of tobacco. Blunts can also have variances depending on the method or wrapper used, but in short, you get weed wrapped in tobacco and a relatively bigger end result than a joint. One blunt can hold roughly one to two grams of weed. Because of this fact, blunts burn slower, offer more hits, and last longer, so they are more likely to be shared among a group of fellow smokers.

Types of Blunts

  • Backwoods – A blunt rolled with a natural tobacco leaf
  • Cigarillo – A cigar that has been split, emptied, and then rerolled with weed
  • Hemp Blunts – Weed rolled in a hemp leaf or hemp-based paper (a good way to avoid nicotine)
  • Infused Blunts – Weed infused with something like kief or hash for a more potent experience

What’s the difference between blunts and joints?

In reality, both blunts and joints are types of weed joints. The basic definition of a weed “joint” is a rolled weed cigarette for smoking. However, any experienced cannabis smoker will tell you that there is a definite difference between the two. Here are three major differences between blunts vs joints.

Rolling Paper Material

The primary overall difference between blunts and joints is that one is just weed rolled into a rolling paper and the other is weed wrapped in tobacco-based paper. If you are looking for the quickest way to discern whether you have a joint or a blunt, this common assessment will give you an answer that suits most experienced cannabis users.


Another major difference between blunt and joint is the difference in size. Blunts are usually thicker and longer than a standard joint, even though some joints can be nearly as large depending on the paper used for rolling. As noted above, most average joints only contain about a third of a gram of weed. By contrast, a blunt usually has about a half gram to a gram of weed, and some can even be larger. So, if you pick up an eighth of weed, you can easily roll two or three good blunts.


Blunts are also a little more challenging to roll than most types of weed joints. If you have rolling paper and weed, you can figure out how to roll a joint in a few simple steps. With a blunt, however, the paper has to be just moist enough to prevent breakage. In other words, you need a fresh wrap that won’t crack and crumble while you work. And, you can spend a bit more time getting a tight finish because the tobacco is a little harder to work with than thin rolling paper.

Health and Effects

In terms of health, joints and blunts also have a key difference in the fact that one has tobacco and one does not. Tobacco is related to a higher likelihood of dependence because of nicotine content, and some studies have suggested that mixing cannabis with tobacco on a regular basis may make it hard to quit when you decide to stop. People who use tobacco mixed with cannabis may also be more prone to lung health issues, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

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A Good Blunt or Joint Starts with Premium Cannabis

Whether you prefer a standard J, a backwoods blunt, or a spliff, the best experience smoking cannabis comes down to the quality of the weed you use in the process. Be sure to take a look at our menu at Silver Therapeutics to find some of the best cannabis, the most diverse collection of strains, and all the smoking accessories you could ever need.

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