Best THC Drinks In MA, VT, and ME In 2024

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Cannabis use has long been associated with smoking, but the industry has expanded to other types of cannabis products, which means there are more ways to enjoy THC than ever. THC drinks are the perfect example. From here on out, kicking back with a cold one may not always mean you are planning to chill with your go-to alcoholic beverage. These days, THC drinks like weed soda and some of the best weed seltzers are making their way into every occasion, from social gatherings like weddings to chill evenings at home.

Why choose a cannabis drink?

There are so many good reasons to try THC drinks. The benefits of THC drinks include:

  • No smoking involved
  • They’re inconspicuous
  • No aromatics
  • They really do taste amazing!

THC drinks are also pretty awesome for THC-fueled social gatherings because they don’t involve passing anything around, which is great when you want to share an experience but not the germs. Just give everyone their own weed soda or cannabis drink and enjoy the occasion together.

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2024’s Best THC Drinks by State

While we love just about every THC drink, there’s no doubt some stand out above the rest. We’ve pulled together a list of the best THC drinks in Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine to give you an idea of what to look for at our cannabis dispensary.

Best THC Drinks In Massachusetts

Nectar THC Drinks

Nectar is one of the latest additions to the THC drink collection in MA, but it is rapidly growing to be a favorite. Nectar THC drinks come in unique flavors like Lemon Chamomile, Watermelon Gelato, Cucumber Dream, and Lemon-Lime Haze. Nectar even has something most brands do not: pH Balanced Alkaline Water with THC. Each blend contains 5 mg of THC.

CQ Weed Drinks

CQ offers one of the most diverse collections of cannabis drinks in Massachusetts, with picks like Cola, Strawberry Lemonade, Grape Soda, Blackberry Lemon Lime, and Pear Vanilla Cardamom. Regardless of your flavor preferences, CQ delivers a refreshing infused cannabis beverage made with 5mg of fast-acting THC.

Best Weed Drinks In Maine

Wynk THC Drinks

Wynk offers seltzers made with a tasteless nanoemulsion process that has a fast-acting effect in flavors like Juicy Mango and Black Cherry Fizz. Feel the microdose of relaxation in about 10–15 minutes. Enjoy the benefits of THC and CBD with these gluten-free and vegan beverages! 

Made with all natural flavors and a golden ratio of 2.5 mg of THC and 2.5 mg of CBD in each can, it keeps you in control, so you can achieve the perfect dosage that’s right for you. Wynk Seltzers are also available in a wide variety of flavors.

Hi5 Weed Sodas

Hi5 has a line of the best weed sodas in Maine. These cannabis drinks come in flavors like Cola, Orange Soda, and Grape . With a little experimenting with their products, it’s easy to see why that is the case. Similar to Wynk THC drinks, Hi5 uses a nano-emulsification process in their drinks to break THC down into these microscopic particles that are easier for the body to break down. You can feel the effects of the drink in as little as five minutes—exceptionally impressive when most edibles won’t deliver effects for 30 minutes or more.

Best Cannabis Drinks In Vermont

YUT THC Drinks

YUT Drinks are one of the most requested THC drinks on our menu at our Silver Therapeutics dispensary in VT, which is a good indication the company has a major foothold. YUT weed soda flavors include the ever-popular Ginger Pop, Maple Cream, Cola Cola, and Root Beer. Each comes with 5 mg of THC.

Upstate Elevator THC Seltzers and Sodas

Upstate Elevator is all about premium ingredients and experience with its weed drinks. With flavors like Good Guava and Blackberry Zinger, the brand has some of the best THC drinks in the state. These drinks are considered some of the best because various flavors have different potencies, ranging from 5 to 10 mg of THC.

Looking for the Best THC Drinks to Try?

At Silver Therapeutics, we build our inventory with a diverse collection of cannabis and cannabis-infused products, including all the best weed seltzers and THC drinks. If you’ve only ever smoked, dabbed, or eaten a gummy, THC drinks are worth a try. Take a look at our edibles menu to see what drinks we have available at any given time in our dispensaries.

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