It is an exciting time for cannabis in Massachusetts. We are pumped for our fellow dispensary friends who opened their doors recently to serve the adult-use cannabis market. It is time to give the people what they want!

We received a provisional license for our Williamstown adult-use dispensary in December. We are hard at work getting the store ready for inspection in order to be approved for a final license. Construction is complete, systems are in place and a team of passionate cannabis specialists have been hired to guide you through your purchases. We are working to get our doors open as soon as possible!

To get started, our dispensary will be stocked with flower, edibles, CBD and concentrates that we source from local growers and producers in Massachusetts.

In addition to Williamstown, our team has been cranking away building our brand, preparing for the construction of our cultivation site in Orange and getting our other dispensaries ready.

We can’t wait to open our doors and to get to know you all!