Image of Strawberry Tangie | 0.5g Preroll 5pk


Strawberry Tangie | 0.5g Preroll 5pk

THC: 18.14% TAC: 21.08% Sativa hybrid

Strawberry Tangie


Sativa Hybrid


0.5g Pre-Rolls Pack of 5

Strawberry Tangie is grown outdoors by First Light Flowers in Greensboro, VT. This strain is a sativa dominant hybrid created through crossing the Strawberry Cough and Tangie strains. This strain has a super sweet sugary flavor of fresh strawberries and sour citrus. The aroma has a sour citrus earth overtone, accented by sweet strawberries and fruits. The Strawberry Tangie high has a bright and happy onset with an energizing effect that hits you immediately.