Image of RSO Syringe | .5g

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RSO Syringe | .5g

THC: 339.2mg TAC: 350.35% Hybrid

*Oral or Topical Use Only, Not For Vape Cartridges or Smoking*

RSO or Rick Simpson Oil .5g Fills is a high THC whole cannabis plant extracted concentrated crude oil that has a full entourage effect when consumed with impressive therapeutic potential. RSO is usually recommended for those seeking a high dose of THC or those who have a high tolerance. It is a sticky black oil that is almost tar like, heating the oral syringe under hot water will loosen the RSO enough to come out with ease.

When used orally or sublingually the effects will be full bodied, sedating, euphoric, with pain relief, anti-anxiety, reduce nausea, and much more.

Sublingually under the tongue will allow the RSO to take effect quicker but will not last quite as long when used orally which will take a little longer to take effect but also last longer.

When used topically it will relieve most aches and pains over the applied area without a high.


  • Calm
  • Energetic
  • Happy
  • Relaxed