image of Raspberry Lime | 1oz | 10mg Elixir
image of Raspberry Lime | 1oz | 10mg Elixir

Squier's Elixirs

Raspberry Lime | 1oz | 10mg Elixir

THC: 10.73mg TAC: 10.73mg Hybrid

Our Raspberry Lime Elixir creates a symphony of flavors that will change your beverage game. Picture the succulent sweetness of organic blue agave complementing the bold and vibrant notes of real raspberries, harmonizing with the tangy brightness of luscious lime and top shelf Live Rosin.

• Ingredients

We use only the highest quality ingredients

possible, 100% real fruit, organic blue agave &

fresh squeezed citrus. No artifcial favors, no food

coloring & no BS. Peep the ingredients…

• Hash Rosin

We want our inputs to match our food standards. We only

use full spectrum solventless hash rosin to help round out

the purest beverages on the market.

• Emulsion

Our signature nano emulsion process creates onset

typically within 5-15 minutes. Our products are

completely water soluble, and we achieve our

emulsions without adding chemicals or other distasteful

components. Instead, we use a 7-step emulsion

process and the natural pectin from our ingredients.


  • Calm
  • Energetic
  • Happy
  • Relaxed