Image of Mandarin Mango | 100mg Hash Rosin Elixir

Squier's Elixirs

Mandarin Mango | 100mg Hash Rosin Elixir

THC: 103.55mg TAC: 103.55mg Hybrid

A vibrant Elixir designed to transport your taste buds to a tropical paradise. Picture the succulent sweetness of ripe mangos blending seamlessly with the citrusy zest of mandarin oranges and the tangy kick of lime.

• Ingredients

We use only the highest quality ingredients

possible, 100% real fruit, organic blue agave &

fresh squeezed citrus. No artifcial favors, no food

coloring & no BS. Peep the ingredients…

• Hash Rosin

We want our inputs to match our food standards. We only

use full spectrum solventless hash rosin to help round out

the purest beverages on the market.

• Emulsion

Our signature nano emulsion process creates onset

typically within 5-15 minutes. Our products are

completely water soluble, and we achieve our

emulsions without adding chemicals or other distasteful

components. Instead, we use a 7-step emulsion

process and the natural pectin from our ingredients.


  • Calm
  • Energetic
  • Happy
  • Relaxed