Image of Jelly Pancakes | 1g Flower

High Mark Provisions

Jelly Pancakes | 1g Flower

THC: 22.4% TAC: 23.36% Indica

Jelly Pancakes is an Indica dominant strain created by crossing Jelly Breath and Pancake strains. The result is a sweet, earthy, and nutty strain that resembles a fresh plate of pancakes. Users can expect a smooth initial onset of relaxation paired with a rush of uplifting effects. This batch comes in dense buds that are completely packed with sugary trichomes and bright orange pistils; making it hard to resist another session. With its relaxed and uplifting vibes, we recommend this strain for those who experience chronic pain, stress, and anxiety. This strain will help alleviate these symptoms, thus allowing users to go about their days pain and stress free! Recommended activities; outdoor walks and socializing with friends.


  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy