Image of Indica Blend | Quiet Times | Anchor and Restore 5pk

Miss Grass

Indica Blend | Quiet Times | Anchor and Restore 5pk

THC: 22.44% TAC: 24.17% Indica

Miss Grass is Weed for The Times.

If you listen real hard, your inner voice is telling you what you need.

Time for inspiration or restoration.

Time for introspection or play.

Time for connection or release.

Whatever you need, Miss Grass enhances the Time of your life.

Fast Times, Quiet Times, All Times—and every moment in between.

Miss Grass was founded in early 2018. Cannabis had just become recreationally legal in California. The mission then—as it is now—was to learn and share, to contribute to an equitable industry, to offer products that were safe and effective, and to create a safe space for anyone who had a desire to know more. Particularly women like us, who we knew were vastly underserved.

Since then, we’ve built a large and ever-growing community of highly-engaged, like-minded cannabis consumers in every US state and beyond. They’re informed, curious, and enthusiastic about the benefits of this plant, with a focus on consuming and living conscientiously—just like us.

We launched our first THC products—Miss Grass Minis pre-roll joints—in California in 2020, to serve that community. They told us exactly what they wanted: small-sized joints that would elicit the exact right effects for every occasion. With an intense focus on terpene profiles, we’re able to offer those effects batch-to-batch. Whether it’s the calming, indica-leaning high of Quiet Times; the inspiring, sativa-dominant rush of Fast Times; or the balanced, versatile hybrid effects of All Times, our goal is to consistently create experiences our consumers can trust and expect.


  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy