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Silver Therapeutics

Cupcake | 1g

THC: 17.2% Indica

Cupcake: Blue Kush x Birthday Cake (70%indica/30%sativa)

Cupcake is an indica leaning strain made by crossing Blue Kush x Birthday Cake. Large and light green frosty nugs are complemented by birthday cake icing taste when consumed. This unique strain produces a sweet aroma coming from its birthday cake parent and will leave users feeling Euphoric with a bit of a “sugar” high, giving you a mild energy boost as it first hits you. But quickly the high slides down into your limbs and chest making you feel calm and slightly heavy. You may feel the need to take a cat nap, or just hang on the couch for a bit. This sweet strain is one you have to check off your bucket list.


  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy