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Cherry | Hash Rosin Gummies

THC: 102.2mg TAC: 106mg Hybrid

Long-standing fans of hash rosin are used to enjoying it smoked—often mixed into joints—or commonly dabbed. More recently, hash rosin has found its way into edibles, most notably gummies.

The Pass is excited to introduce two new additions to its Hash Rosin Edible line-up:

Cherry Hash Rosin Gummies Blueberry Live Hash Rosin Gummies

Described as “tasty” and “powerful,” both of these juicy-good products are earning praise for the “better buzz” and “different experience” they offer.

Maya’s also excited about the new offering as it provides a whole new way to feature Pass strains of flower and to use the terpenes as a part of the flavor profile. She adds, “We try to consider what will blend nicely with those terpenes when we develop the flavors. The aim is to not mask the hash flavor as is done in distillate gummies.”


  • Calm
  • Energetic
  • Happy
  • Relaxed