Image of Cake Walk | .5g Disposable

Happy Valley

Cake Walk | .5g Disposable

THC: 81.88% CBD: 0.24% TAC: 89.1% Hybrid

Cake Walk is the perfect union of overlapping flavors that reveal themselves layer by layer, like gently folding butter into dough. Lusciously creamy, nutty, and sweet, with hints of honeydew rind in the background. The essence of freshly baked pastries melds with a peppery tingle that leaves a warm and buttery sensation on the exhale. This rare blend is a limited release, so treat yourself to a little dessert before dinner and grab it before it’s gone.

Hitmaker is the perfect fusion of technology and art — the ultimate disposable vaping experience. Matching our meticulously created live vape oil to the most advanced vape hardware on the market gives you the truest cultivar flavor and experience. Formulated using our proprietary terpene extraction methods, Hitmaker is available in a wide variety of your favorite Happy Valley cultivars.


  • Calm
  • Energetic
  • Happy
  • Relaxed