Image of Blue Ultra | 3.5g

Maine Grown

Blue Ultra | 3.5g

THC: 13.2% Hybrid

This strain is renowned all over the world for its vigor, strength and intense resinous buds that carry stunning shades of blue. Blue ultra carries a creamy blueberry flavor that makes it ideal for use during the daytime and is excellent for daytime pain relief. It carries a dim blueberry scent and promotes concentration, functionality and has long-lasting effects. Blue Ultra has lemon-lime colored dense buds and short brown hair. It contains a sweet smell that is not particularly powerful and upon consuming it, a person can identify the incense, pleasant aroma. Blue Ultra has a taste similar to various other blue strains present in the market. This particular strain is placed on the stronger end of the indicia. As you consume it, it initially hits behind the eyes and gradually moves through the body, all the while providing slow relaxation to the mind. Blue Ultra carries a sweet berry aroma and delivers swift relief from symptoms without proving effects of heavy sedation.


  • Calm
  • Energetic
  • Happy
  • Relaxed