Image of Blackberry Lavender | 40mg Sleepy Time Elixir

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Blackberry Lavender | 40mg Sleepy Time Elixir

THC: 40.68mg CBD: 179.57mg Indica

Sleepy Time Hash Rosin Elixir

20MG THC | 200 MG CBD | 100 MG CBN

Elevate your evenings with our Sleepy Time Elixir. Our blend of THC, CBN, CBD chamomile and lavender produces the perfect balance to induce relaxation and tranquility along with a balanced high. Boasting a rich and deep sweetness from fresh blackberries and calming aromatherapy from ethically-sourced organic chamomile and lavender buds, you’ll relax into a deep, dreamy sleep.

Our signature nano emulsion process creates onset

typically within 5-15 minutes. Our products are

completely water soluble, and we achieve our

emulsions without adding chemicals or other distasteful

components. Instead, we use a 7-step emulsion

process and the natural pectin from our ingredients.


  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy