Image of Bandaid Haze IX 3.0

Theory Wellness

Bandaid Haze IX 3.0

THC: 19.97% TAC: 22.18% Sativa

Description: Bandaid Haze IX 3.0 Strain is a pure sativa strain with deep NYC Haze roots. Originating in the late ’90s, this sativa was developed from seeds brought by a Spanish grower, pollinated by Thai, and eventually shared with Doc D who shared with Bodhi. Bodhi germinated these seeds in 2013 and obtained one male plant, which he used to pollinate his cut of Cuban Black Haze. The strain was initially named “Piff” by Bodhi and later coined “Bandaid Haze” by him and Doc D due to its exceptional qualities, and because it “heals all wounds.

The Sativa Project is a collection of sativa varietals representing pure landraces, F1 hybrids of sativa landraces, and sativa line breeding projects. Each strain will provide authentic sativa experiences that range from cerebral to psychedelic.


  • Creative
  • Energetic
  • Focused
  • Happy
  • Inspired