Image of Auraz | 5g Shake

Solar Therapeutics

Auraz | 5g Shake

THC: 28.58% TAC: 28.9% Hybrid

Apples and Bananas x Azul

Compound Genetics


Built on the foundation of the Apples and Bananas and Azul strains, Auraz fully embodies the relaxed nature of its Cookies relatives. Auraz is one of the newer members of Compound Genetics’ Apples and Bananas line, but it packs a punch. This time, Compound paired its flagship variety with the Azul strain to create a potent and uniquely-flavorful hybrid cultivar.


Its buds are almost completely green and purple, where its darkest hues are found in its inner depths, which ascend to soft violet. Dense and conical, the nugs are chunky like many of the Cookies genetics running through the strain’s lineage. Light peach to copper color pistils run wrap around the entire surface of the frosty nugs.


On the exterior, the buds emit a concentrated mix of sour lemon peels, lime, and muted skunk. When ground up, the citrus aroma becomes like ammonia to the eyes. A spiciness reminiscent of its Cookies genetics is also released. Auraz’s flavor both meets the intensity and intrigue of its aroma, injecting it with heavier tones of citrus and a doughy sweetness that erupts with discernable notes of grape and blackberry.


  • Calm
  • Energetic
  • Happy
  • Relaxed