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How to Roll a Joint (5 Easy Steps)

It’s the old school method that has held fast for decades in spite of the availability of bongs, pipes, vaporizers, and fancy modern setups—rolling a joint to smoke your weed. Whether you’re a new weed enthusiast or you’re a bonafide cannabis expert, you’ll want to know how to roll a joint. The process is quick, the materials are cheap, and the outcome is pretty much always the same. So let’s look at the most straightforward process for joint-rolling and a few little extras you may want to know.

How to Roll a Joint: The Simple Steps

1. Grind your weed

Grinding evens out the flower so you get consistent sizes and a consistent burn. If you don’t have your own grinder, break down the bud a bit by hand and remove any seeds or steamy pieces you find along the way.

2. Make a crutch or grab a filter

If you plan to use a crutch or filter, you can make one out of heavy paper by rolling a rectangular piece into a half-inch long piece. Or, you can make things simple and pick up some pre-made crutches or filters for rolling.

3. Load it up

With your paper laid out flat and your crutch or filter placed on one end, scoop up the paper in your hand and hold it between two fingers like a taco shell. Sprinkle your bud evenly across the paper in a slim line. Remember, the more you load the harder it will be to get a good roll.

4. Roll it up

Pinch the paper together into a sort of taco shape. Carefully, roll the paper in a back and forth motion to get the weed evenly distributed and pack it into a tubular shape. You want the weed loose enough that it burns because of good airflow but tight enough that the thing doesn’t just burn up in just a few hits. When you’re satisfied with the layout and pack, start tucking the non-adhesive end over the bud and rolling as you go.

5. Seal it up

Joint papers come preloaded with a thin strip of adhesive that is activated with moisture. So, when you’re happy with the layout and form, run your tongue along the glue strip lightly and slowly seal the joint by pressing the adhesive to the roll.

Difference Between Using a Filter vs No Filter

Filters have their perks, even though not every joint-roller uses them. For one, a simple crutch lets you smoke your weed all the way to the end with no waste involved. Plus, you won’t be scorching your lips trying to get the final hits. Filters can vary; some are simple like crutches but others are actual filters meant to filter out some of the tar from the smoke.

What About Rolling Blunts?

Rolling blunts is a totally different process than rolling a joint. Blunts are bigger, require more weed, and are wrapped in either a pre-made cigar that has been emptied or a wrap that’s made from a tobacco leaf. While you are still essentially rolling your weed into a wrapper, working with the thicker material can be harder and you have to start with a fresh, humidified leaf or wrap to have a good finish.

Roll Your Joints with Only the Finest Filler

Rolling a joint can take a little trial and error, but when you have it down, you have a quick and easy way to get your smoke on whenever you want. Whether you’re a new roller or a seasoned pro, always start the process with top-shelf cannabis. Take a look at our selection of strains at Silver Therapeutics.

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