Dispensary Serving Bennington, VT

Recreational Dispensary Serving Bennington, VT

Silver Therapeutics Williamstown is located just about 20 minutes south of Bennington on route 7, right over the VT/MA border! Make the quick drive to our cannabis shop near VT to check out our wide variety of strains and different consumable cannabis products for sale.

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Silver Therapeutics is only 20 minutes South of Bennington on Route 7.

Why Silver Therapeutics From Bennington?

If you’re wondering why you should visit our dispensary near Bennington, VT over some other stores that you may be considering, you should know that our mission at Silver is not just to legally sell pot. We strive to help each individual customer that walks through our door – whether they are from Bennington, Shaftsbury, Dover, or elsewhere – achieve their ideal health and wellness goals. We believe in transparency and we aim to provide the highest quality cannabis on the market. That goes for our flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles – everything we carry!

Our Staff Is Friendly and Approachable

First-timers are always excited about visiting a dispensary. We see new faces every day, and that means we get a ton of questions, and that’s okay! We employ a team of expert budtenders and a top-notch sales staff. So no matter if it’s your first time visiting a marijuana store or if you’re a regular, you can expect a pleasant and meaningful experience.

Questions? Contact Us!

At Silver Therapeutics, we care about the communities in which our dispensaries are located. We may not be able to source every single one of our products from a local company or farm, but we certainly attempt to. Hungry for more information? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or give us a call today at (413) 458-6244. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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