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Why Visit Our Recreational Dispensary Near Albany?

At Silver Therapeutics, you can expect a top-notch experience with some of the highest quality cannabis in the state along with an extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff. We’ve got flowers, concentrates, edibles – you name, we have it. Stop in today, contact us with questions, or place your order online via our menu!

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We’re only an hour drive East via NY-2 E.

Recreational Dispensary for Albany Residents

Why make the drive to Silver over other dispensaries? It’s a fair question. In fact, if you’re coming from Albany, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right dispensary, and we get that.

We’ll put it briefly so you know exactly what to expect when you visit us from the Capital:

  • Budtenders that will answer every question you have without judgment.
  • A wide range of top-tier cannabis from local farmers.
  • Edibles, pre-rolls, concentrates, flower (we’re stocked)
  • A quick drive through classic upstate scenery

Our Williamstown shop is also convenient for those heading up North from New York City.

Why is Silver Therapeutics different from other dispensaries?

Not only are we the closest dispensary to the New York border, but we are also the most passionate. Our goal at Silver Therapeutics is to provide you with a modern cannabis experience. We’re doing everything we can to help the cannabis industry emerge professionally and culturally.

While we may just be one of a couple of dispensaries near Albany, we more than just a dispensary. We’re a diverse crew of overtly passionate cannabis advocators, educators and connoisseurs who have one common goal – to serve others.

No matter your level of knowledge, we’re here to help.

  • “Let me get my weed” Sure, we’ve all been there. Just order online, we’re ready when you are!
  • “Uh, I don’t do this often…” Well then we’re excited for you, but we should talk some things over first.
  • “What’s a weed? To start, here’s a good resource. However, if you’re new to cannabis, it’s best to consult a pro – and we have plenty of them who are willing to answer any questions you have.

Visit Us Today!

Besides the fact that Silver Therapeutics’ Williamstown dispensary is just an hour East of Albany, right over the New York border in Massachusetts, you’ll find us to be your favorite for other reasons too. We love serving Albany residents, just don’t forget your ID, you don’t want to come out this way without it.

Visit our shop today to see what we have available for sale in Williamstown. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 413-458-6244 or email us at [email protected] We can’t wait to see you!

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