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Why Visit our Dispensary from Hampton, NH?

Silver Therapeutics Berwick is a recreational cannabis dispensary near Hampton, NH, located only 40 min ( 29.9 mi) North of Hampton via I-95 N. We are also right off of the Downeaster train line. We proudly serve recreational cannabis customers from Hampton and beyond.

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Visiting from Hampton, NH? Things to Know

Looking for the Best Dispensary Near Hampton NH?

New Hampshire remains one of the only states in New England where cannabis is illegal. Fortunately, residents of Hampton, NH and beyond can visit Silver Therapeutics in Berwick, Maine. We are conveniently located about 30 miles north via I-95. Our world-class dispensary has everything you need, including locally grown flowers, concentrates, vape cartridges, and edibles. Our staff members are ready to assist you with finding the best cannabis around, no matter your experience with the plant.

Is Weed Legal in Hampton, NH?

Unfortunately, recreational marijuana is illegal in New Hampshire. However, possession of up to 3/4 ounces of flower has been decriminalized. If you’re caught with that amount or less, you simply face a fine. However, repeat offenses mean higher fines each time and potential jail time if caught too many times.

FAQs About Shopping at Our Hampton NH Dispensary

How much weed can I buy at once?

In Maine, where we’re located, individuals can purchase up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis in any combination. However, the maximum amount of cannabis concentrate is five grams. Our team can help you find what you need so you stay within these legal limits.

Can I bring my cannabis back to New Hampshire?

No, it’s illegal to transport cannabis across state lines. So, even though possession has been decriminalized, you could be looking at federal felony charges for crossing the border with it.

Do I have to be a Maine resident to buy cannabis?

No, visitors from other states are able to purchase cannabis from our dispensary. All you need is a valid, state-issued ID and you must be 21 or older.

Other Reasons to Visit Silver Therapeutics in Berwick, ME

Berwick is a delightful Maine town near the border of New Hampshire. We’re also next to the Salmon Falls River, so if you like looking at the water, you’re sure to enjoy your time here. Some local highlights include:

  • Mainely Local Yolks – Breakfast is a big deal around here, and Mainely Local Yolks is serious about providing a hearty meal to start your day. You can find a wide assortment of egg dishes, including scrambles, combo meals, and more. The restaurant also serves pancakes if you prefer something a bit more carb-heavy.
  • Corner Point Brewing Co. – There’s nothing better than sitting next to the river, sipping on a pint of locally brewed beer. Corner Point Brewing is a treat, so make sure to stop by before heading back home. In addition to the brews, the menu is also extensive and full of delicious dishes.

Getting Here From Hampton, NH

The route to get here from Hampton is somewhat winding and complex, but you’ll start by getting onto I-95 N. Then, you’ll have to merge onto NH-16 in Dover and then merge onto MA-236 N in South Berwick.

Staying in Berwick

Since you can’t bring cannabis back home to New Hampshire, you should stay the night (or the weekend) in lovely Berwick. We have a variety of local hotels, or you can search for lodging via Airbnb.

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