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Is Cotton Candy Cookies Indica or Sativa?

This weed strain is a hybrid, but it leans more toward Indica with a relaxing high that helps you calm down and feel better. However, since it contains Power Plant Sativa in its genes, you can still get a slight buzzy high that gives you a slight energy boost without being too overwhelming.

More Cotton Candy Cookies Characteristics


Cotton Candy Cookies is a mix of Lavender and Power Plant. Lavender is an Indica-dominant strain, while Power Plant is Sativa-dominant. However, Lavender is a bit more potent, which is why this weed strain leans toward Indica.


This strain has an intense purple and green hue and is covered with fiery orange and purple hairs. It’s a gorgeous-looking plant that makes you feel the stickiness just by looking at it.


The primary scent of Cotton Candy Cookies is sweet, but it also has a gassy and berry-flavored undertone. Basically, you’ll want to take a deep whiff of this cannabis before smoking it.


The taste is very similar to the aroma, so you can get notes of berries, sweetness, and fruitiness when smoking. However, no flavor outshines everything else, so you can let them all dance across your tongue.


This weed strain includes Geraniol, Carene, and Linalool terpenes.

Effects: How Will Cotton Candy Cookies Make Me Feel?

As a hybrid strain, you get a mix of effects from Sativa and Indica. Users report getting a warm and fuzzy feeling, with a deep sense of relaxation and happiness. Overall, it’s a strain that you can use daily, either when you’re just trying to enjoy life or when you’re winding down for the day.

Strains Like Cotton Candy Cookies

Lavender and Power Plant strains are the parentage of Cotton Candy Cookies, so strains that are similar can give you the same sensations. You can also try Cotton Candy cannabis.

Where to Buy Cotton Candy Cookies

As a proprietary strain from Silver Therapeutics, you can’t really find Cotton Candy Cookies in any other dispensaries. So, if you want to try this strain for yourself, you need to come to our store.

Buy Cotton Candy Cookies From Silver Therapeutics

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